Eat Great Cakes
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About Michelle


Chef Michelle Effron


It all started when…

Michelle worked in biotech and academic research for 5 years before moving from San Diego to Connecticut and eventually New York City.  She became the CEO’s assistant at a number of Fortune 500 companies but decided that after 20 years in corporate America it was time for her to follow her true passion.

Always having been an avid baker and cook, Michelle enrolled in The Institute of Culinary Education’s School of Pastry and Baking Arts and graduated in September of 2013 with Highest Honors.  Following her externship, Michelle launched her own business, Eat Great Cake where she creates custom cakes and pastries in the bustling Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City.

Michelle  attended the University of California San Diego and  has completed numerous certificate programs in the culinary arts. Michelle continues to refine her skills by taking classes from some of the world's best sugar and cake artists including Jacquy Pfeiffer, Philippe Rigollot, Nicholas Lodge, Ron Ben-Israel, Elisa Strauss, Toba Garrett, Penny Stankieweiz, Sachiko Windbiel and Karen Portaleo .